ALO Shorts Giveaway

I am in a major search for yoga shorts, so I'm sharing this with you but nobody win ok??

Rustbelt Runner - ALO Shorts - May 3

Also, for all Rust Belt Runner readers, Alo is offering a 20% discount code for any purchases made from their site. Use the discount code “bloglove2011” for 20% off at

Popchips Giveaway

Early morning runner - 4/25

Sony Walkmen Wireless Giveaway

Lot's more sony walkmen wireless headset giveaways running this week (pun intended) !!
Run Faster Mommy - 4/24

Lil Runner - 4/22

Nathan Speed 2 Giveaway

Just Trying is for little girls is giving away a Nathan Speed 2! I know I need one to survive summer training, so i hope I win...but you should enter too! Ends 4/14/11

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Lean Belly Prescription Giveaway - Closed

Winner - Penny of PinkHatRunner

If you've ever spent an afternoon at home, you've probably seen an episode of The Doctors..with the handsome Dr. Travis Stork. Ok, he is more than just a pretty face, he actually has a lot of great information for anyone who tunes not that I watch TV all day long. Currently, he is helping all of us to lose the dangerous fat that we might just be carrying around our bellies. I am not a fan of any flab there, but only in recent years did I begin to understand just how dangerous it can be to your overall health.He is providing this information in The Lean Belly Prescription: The fast and foolproof diet and weight-loss plan from America's top urgent-care doctor. BOOK OVERVIEW This book is really well broken down in to quick bite size information...just like the facts listed above. I think this makes the information easier to take in and less daunting, in fact it reminds of a magazine like Women's Health, which just makes it fun.

The book contains great information on:

  • why you should be eating certain foods

  • how to do interval training

  • some awesome weight lifting routines

  • easy food swaps (i.e. one for you soda drinkers that will help you drop 4lbs)

  • why a lean belly matters to your health

  • some really easy recipes (like I could do them recipes)
I gotta say it just really doesn't seem like a diet book. It really just seems like a lot of great information and yet another tool to help you on your journey to being healthy. WHOLE GRAINS Part of the Lean Belly Prescription is eating whole grains! Too many of us started avoiding a lot of really great carbohydrate sources because of Atkins and other diets that convinced us it would quickly shed fat. To help you get back on track this giveaway includes a coupon for one free box of General Mills cereal.
"Every Big G cereal contains at least 8 grams of whole grain per serving, with more than 20 Big G cereals delivering 16 grams or more. (At least 48 grams of whole grain are recommended daily.) A diet high in whole grain has been found to help with diabetes and weight management, and may help reduce the risk of heart disease and certain cancers."

BUY IT Of course you can head out and buy The Lean Belly Prescriptionfor yourself or family at any time on Amazon or your local bookstore.

WIN IT Or you could win a copy of the book and a Big G coupon here!

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Winner selected April 15th - Happy tax day

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Betty Crocker Giveaway - CLosed

Winner - Marathon Maiden

Besides David's family visiting this weekend from Iowa, nothing reminds me faster of the MidWest than MASHED POTATOES!!! In fact, during our first Valentine's Day David chose to make me mashed potatoes because they are one of my favorite foods. However, as you might have guessed from other posts...David is not a chef. Hence, he relies on quick and easy things like Betty Crocker. I have no problem with this if it means I get mashed potatoes. My mouth is actually watering right now, seriously next to nut butter I think mashed potatoes might be my next favorite food and I just don't take time to make it very often.
Betty Crocker wants to give you a chance to win some Loaded Mashed potatoes to make for your family along with some kitchen tools!!! Please note THE LEAN BELLY is part of another giveaway coming soon and the kitty is also not included.This package includes: an OXO mixing bowl, a great spatula, a plastic measuring cup, a pot holder and a box of loaded mashed potatoes!

BUY IT You can buy four different flavors of yummer potatoes at just about any grocery store near you with this great coupon ( for $0.55 off one box of new Betty Crocker “Loaded Mashed”! You can also follow Betty Crocker on Twitter or Facebook to find new recipes and coupons.


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Utag ICE Giveaway - CLOSED

WInner - Stacie of Windy Runner

Road safety is one of the topics, I have posted on numerous times because I simply believe we all get a little lackadaisical about how much time we spend on the roads. To that end let me introduce you to your newest friend!!! UTAG ICE - This is similar to the RoadID that many of you have seen only dare I say...even better for all of you serious endurance athletes. Should something happen while you are away from home, then UTAG opens to a USB port which any emergency team can plug in and get TONS of your information right away! That's right, should you head to the hospital or anything else all of your information, like medical conditions, insurance, contacts, blood type, etc. will be immediately available for them to begin any necessary work. I know this sounds dire, but the truth is stories crop up almost weekly about bikers or runners injured by if we are going to be out there, we might as well arm ourselves. OPTIONS Now UTAG also offers lots of options, so if you don't want to wear the wrist band like I got you could also get a wallet card. I think the wallet card sounds great for slipping in to a kids back pack personally! Or they have dog tags and such, check it out!

As you can see the UTAG is roughly the same width as the Power Balance bracelet and only slightly thicker. I think it's comfy and certainly wouldn't bug me to wear. For those of you with really small ankles, you might be able to get it on.. you can see I got close and my legs are pretty muscular. The UTAG is water resistant, but is not a solution for you swimmers.

BUY IT: Of course you can head out and buy one today and I think you should!! Checkout to learn more and purchase

WIN IT: Or you could win one right here! Winner will be able to make their own selection of product, color and so forth.
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Enter any of the other giveaways going on... natural shampoo, betty crocker, lean belly... more coming!! Winner selected April 20th Product was provided for free to review, but all wrists utilizing the product belong to me.