Goodie Bag Giveaway - CLOSED

So I started today on the right track for SBSD...Turbo Jam abs, seriously I am in love with this ab workout. Then I went to work. Got frustrated. Had two pieces of cake and a fun size pack of M&M's. Excellent. After that I decided I should clearly have more than enough energy for a good run... and I DID!!!

6 miles straight through no walking. I definitely have some cardio to get back, geez that was way harder than I remember but I did it and hopefully I burned off that cake and am back on my way to good abs.

Thanks for all the encouragement about the marathon. I think you're all a little nutz, but that's why I like you....and of course why I want to give you GOODIES!

I have been on a kick lately of telling you about great foods...that doesn't seem fair now does it.. you should be eating these great foods too!!
3 Newman's Chocolate Bars
3 Newman's Mints
1 of each flavor Awesome Almonds
ProWash Samples
ProWash towel
1 Free Amy's Entree coupon
Oikos/Stoneyfield Coupons
1 Free Better Whey of Life Coupon
2 Honest Foods Bars
1 Gator Lip balm for runners
1 Gator Tube 40SPF

I also have a copy I purchased second hand of Nancy Clark's Sports Guide to Nutrition, which does a great job of explaining why you need those stop being afraid of them!!

You can earn up to 3 entries for this giveaway:

Entry 1: Leave a comment
Entry 2: Leave a second comment with a question for me...what do you want to know about me, my workout, my food, my life..etc? Or tell me what you'd like to see on this blog.
Entry 3: Post a link on your blog and let me know

Contest closes April 5th at 5Pm...cause I think there will be a new giveaway ready after that!! HOLY COW PEOPLE, I just love giving you stuff!