Bauman Fruit Butter Giveaway -CLOSED

I've talked a few times about the Bauman spreads I've been loving on my bread and sometimes sneaking in to my smoothies for a little flavor!! All natural...and delicious, isn't that the combo we've all started to learn is wonderful!

They also have some great suggestions like:
1/2 cup yogurt with 2 tbsps of Bauman Pumpkin butter...YUM!!
Glazing a ham
Putting in your oats
Mixing with cottage cheese

And all these fun recipes listed here!

I love this not only for the taste, but because it's completely unprocessed and because I love this little family run business (3rd generation!).

The next time you are ready to slap some jelly on a sandwich, take a few minutes to look at what's in it and where it came you think it was made with the care and love they it possible that food made with care and love might just be better for you? I'll be talking more about this due to a fantastic book (Quantum Wellness), but hey I like the concept!! These great jars are also a wonderful gift and Bauman's wants to share this gift with you!

One reader will get a 4 pack of 9oz spreads!! You can pick from their awesome selection of flavors... here are just a few :


All with less sugar than the standard variety jelly and the option to have "No Sugar Added", which I really enjoyed.

I am going to make this one easy on you folks:

1. Leave me a note about why you are interested in this fantastically yummy product

2. If you'd like a second entry go ahead and post a link on your site.

Winner to be selected at 6PM April 26th!