Amazing Grass Giveaway - Closed

I am traveling for work and so very sorry I forgot my camera...seriously sweet digs and I'm meeting with college kids, they are too fun!!! To make up for my horrible blogging...I leave you with this.

Amazing Grass how sweet the taste,
that nourished a runner like me,
I once was unblanced but now am detoxed
was deficient, but now...I'm not.

Above is my first usage of Amazing Grass...CHOCOLATE!! Mixed up with a banana, some spinach, cucucmber and water...seriously you can indeed make a green monster greener! For those who don't know much about this Green SuperFood is great because it helps make sure you always get your 5 to 9 servings of veggies and it serves to sustain energy and boost your immune system.Next up, I decided to try a little wheat grass in my oats...Wheat Grass helps to alkalize your body, detoxes your body and sustains energy! Seriously the benefits are pretty incredible. But the really green oats scared me a bit and I realized I need to make a bigger bowl to balance the sweet taste of the wheat grass.
Next up was a little Coconut Water mixed with the flavored Pomegrante Mango Infusion for another green monster. Entirely organic and 100% vegan!
Ahh but my true really truly totally favorite... the chocolate covered Amazing Grass chocolate bar!! It's green and I LOVE IT!! Only 210 calories and totally healthy and totally tastey, oh man! Seriously I was sweaty and willing to take a picture it made me so happy.

You've been seeing them around on other blogs, so here's another chance for you to make some GREEEEEEENER MONSTERS. Amazing Grass wants you to have a chance to test out their great product too and see the benefits for yourself. So they have offered up one best of both combo pack which you can read about here.
To enter leave a comment with why you are interested in Amazing Grass or what benefit you think will serve you best.
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Giveaway ends June 29th!
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