E-Cloth Giveaway - CLOSED

As part of the Whole Life Challenge that Heather started, I decided to continue making changes in my household cleaning. Recently I switched to Seventh Generation dishwasher soap and I picked up some all natural cleaner.
Those were a great start, until I found E-Cloth and now I feel like my house is going to be way healthier! "Chemical free cleaning for all hard surfaces." After receiving both the kitchen and bathroom pack, I won't lie my advertising riddled brain was thinking how on earth could these really clean my house with just some water. Test 1: Stove Top
Ok so my stove top was err a tad dirty from all that cooking this weekend. I often hate cleaning the stove because it means taking off all the burners and soaking them and scrubbing. But with E-Cloth all I did was wet it down and start wiping...NOT even scrubbing, just wiping and seriously everything was coming off!!

Poor David was trying to talk to me and I kept saying "HOLY cow, seriously look at this!" He didn't really care, but I was super impressed and thinking how nice it would be not to smell chemical cleaners. In fact, I'm reading a great green book about how the true smell your house should have is NO SMELL, THAT IS CLEAN. And no it doesn't just push the dirt around, "E-cloth Fiber Deep Cleans Absorbs moisture, lifts and traps dirt, grease, oil, grime and bacteria."

Test 2: Bathroom
I've noticed a funk on the shower curtain...and to be fair I have been spraying stuff on it like crazy, but that didn't seem to be doing much. All right, E-Cloth what have you got...I wet down the bathroom cloth and started wiping...NO JOKE it's coming right off. Definitely have not been this excited about cleaning in ages! But I love that all I have to do is wet something down and wipe or scrub and done...no smells, no weird cleaners, no foaming and waiting.

E-Cloth is not only good for you, it's good for the environment by reducing your usage of chemicals and of course paper towels!!

E-Cloth has volunteered to give out 1 Kitchen pack and 1 bathroom pack, so yes there will be 2 winners! To enter leave a comment below with how you are making greener choices in your cleaning or why you want to.

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Giveaway ends 6/21.