Vidazorb Giveaway - Closed

One of the few issues I do not have as a runner is stomach problems...but I know many of you do!! So when Vidazorb contacted me I was willing to test our their product, but the honest truth was I couldn't really tell a difference because I never had issues to start with...hence it's time for you to become the test subjects! What are probiotics and why do I care?
■Probiotics can be used to help control diarrhea, whether brought on by illness or as a side effect of antibiotic treatment.
■Probiotics can be helpful in addressing difficult-to-treat illnesses such as Crohn's disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and ulcerative colitis.
■Probiotics can be helpful in addressing women's urogenital health issues.
■Some preliminary research suggests that probiotics may help in the treatment of allergies, certain types of cancer, and high cholesterol.
■Studies show that probiotics can be helpful in addressing lactose intolerance and constipation.
■Studies show that probiotics can be helpful in addressing eczema in children.
■New research suggests that probiotics have a tangible effect on improving human metabolism.

I have been told these are fantastic to help out runners who often have eh hem issues....I have one bottle of Vidazorb Daily and one bottle of Vidazorb Plus for two of you to test out and let us all know what you think!!

"Vidazorb® probiotics provide nutritional support for healthy immune and digestive systems.*Clinically substantiated L. acidophilus, LA-5® supports immunity and digestion. Beneficial probiotic bacteria are essential in helping maintain overall health."

No need to share any gory stories with me for entry here, but if you want to let me know about another great product you've tried lately that would be great!

Winner selected on June 26th!

As always earn extra entries for linking back or tweeting or whatever.
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