Gluten-Free Life Giveaway -CLOSED

Talking to people who have allergies and can't eat gluten, I found out that well...everything TASTY had gluten and they weren't able to enjoy it. Many new products have started to hit the shelves, but the reason I am happy to introduce you to Gluten Free Life is because it's this adorable family run business (which is actually now up for sale, so if you have a hankering for a bakery...let me know!).

"We started a bakery business here on our farm about 7 years ago with some friends. Originally it was a wheat bakery called Bread of Life. When we moved that business to a larger facility this one was sitting empty.

A number of people approached us wishing we would create gluten free products, so I began test baking every Tuesday for a year. I tried many very highly touted recipes only to find that the texture was usually not very comparable to a wheat based product. (Not being allergic to gluten came in very handy at that point as I was comparing my gluten free items not to other gluten free items, but to my freshly baked wheat products from the other facility.) "

Amy of Gluten Free Life sent me some cookies, muffins and bread to prove that gluten free can in fact be wonderful. I had no trouble enjoying every last bit of these cookies. My favorite was the Flax Shortbread cookie, which jsut tasted amazing.

Amy also sent over some muffins.. I mean how on Earth could I offer you a giveaway of goodies without really knowing they are good...and oh they are good. David tested out the Apple Pie and loved the taste but thought it was too crumbly, well I figured out that just a bit of time in the fridge cures that and the other muffins magically started disappearing.
You may remember this conncotion of muffin and Nasoya..mmm it's one of my new favorite snacks!Last but not least BREAD!! This is the bread I used for my magical sandwich recreation with roasted red peppers and such...pretty good. It's only 56 calories a slice which is much more diet friendly than the other baked items, but hey those are seriously good treats!
We have 2 packages to giveaway today. Each contains 1 loaf of bread, 4 muffins and 4 cookies.

Earn up to 3 entries by leaving a separate comment for each and then check back on August 3rd for the winner!!
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