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Many of you have heard me talk about my great love of McDavid compression pants and leg sleeves...they were my saving grace during the Olathe 1/2 marathon and my WONDERFUL recovery tool post San Diego...seriously it's true love my friends.

Now because of Joey at McDavid I was also lucky enough to get some women's compression shorts...which the current injuries have limited my use of but I am like white on rice now with these of course I would like to share!!! McDavid Compression Shorts

I have 2 size small compression shorts to share with you folks, for the low low price of a comment about your current favorite piece of running apparel.
**Please note that a size small is seriously maybe a size 0-2...possibly a 4, but they don't fit me folks I need a medium.
***Also note you cannot just say..ohh want to win, you must answer the question for a valid entry.

Last year was the first time I truly realized how important socks could be to your runninng... I mean yeah I'm on my feet for 4 hours, but isn't it just my shoes that matter. No my friends it is not. DryMax was my first introduction to sweet sweet cushion...but I'm not afraid to venture out and after hearing some folks talk about Balega it was time to see if the hype measured up.First up were the Lady Enduro socks...overall I'm a big fan, they are soft and cushy and do all the right things to make my feet feel FABUUUUU. My only complaint is that for me personally the sock is just a little to high, I like the lower one's...which would be the second pair and my total FAV that I tried out. Ha! Tell me you don't love the top of these socks!! They were so soft it felt like putting on slippers and very low cut, but with the small tab in the back so that you wouldn't rub your heel if they slipped a bit. Yeah perfection.

So for you my friends I have 2 pairs of Balega Enduro Women's running sock is a size Small (6-8 shoe size) and for another winner 2 pairs Balega Enduro Women's running socks in size Medium (8.5-10.5)... that's right you big old feet people like me size 11...are SOL.

Enter by leaving me your current favorite sock or something you learned from the Balega Sports website.

Additional entries (please leave a comment per entry):
You can leave separate entries to be entered for the shorts and the socks.
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Winner selected and announced here on the 20th... you must check in to claim prize


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