Nasoya Tofu Giveaway - CLOSED

OK I AM POSTING THIS EARLY because you guys are all so darn nice, acting my 6 miles was something special...seriously I miss my 14 miler days. Also don't forget to checkout LIL Runners Bake Sale for charity!!

Tofu and I have this weird relationship where I walk by...then go back and pick it up...put it down...and repeat cycle! I just really couldn't imagine that I would know what to do with it. However as I have ventured in to cooking, I'm realizing I can do much more than I thought. So when Nasoya came out with these new Silken was game time.

In an effort of full disclosure, I have to admit we got off to a rocky start, as they sent me some expired tofu...not once but twice. BUT then I tried the products and realized they were good and HELLO we all have issues when we get so dang busy...PLUS THEY WANT TO SHARE WITH YOU!!

Ok first up is the vanilla...probably my fav which is no suprise I love vanilla ice cream! You may have noticed this in a lot of my Green Monster twist recipes. It worked like a charm since I never have any milk on hand.
But I also used it to make chocolate chip cookies! They have a ton of recipes on their site, but I started with a version that made a very soft cookie...David ate 3 of them and had no clue they contained tofu...SCORE!
Also seen in my green monsters was the chocolate silken creation...perfect for a dessert smoothie. However, I also decided to spoon some up with a Gluten Free Life Chocolate chip muffin (what is that another giveaway item??) and seriously that may be one of the best desserts I've made at home in a long time!! Is this why my weight is creeping up?Now they also have this picture of BEAUTIFUL pie on their site, so I thought ok let's give it a go. I made the pie as you saw for our BBQ Saturday and it was pretty good...but their's looks SO MUCH BETTER! So I didn't do something right, but hey you live and learn.STRAWBERRY
Ohhh strawberries, they make me happy. Once again...yes I've used it in Green Monsters and friends it is soo good. But I had to be more creative than that so it was time for POPSICLES! I haven't made these in eons, so I busted out the frozen blueberries/strawberries and blended everything together then filled the holder....YEAH!! It was just like I made those Whole Fruit pops, but for way less money and less sugar and well YEAH!!
I know a number of you are cutting out soy for the Whole Life Challenge and I think that's a worthy cause...if you were way overdoing it. I on the other hand believe everything in moderation. I mean if I am eating cookies, surely soy is no worse for me than that.

Ok friends I want to give you the chance to enjoy some Silken Creations in your monsters or in your baking so let's get to it! 4 coupons for free Silken Creations. Please remember to answer the question and check back to see if you won on July 27th.

Leave one comment per entry (cause I'm too lazy to give you multiple otherwise):
1. What do you think of tofu? Favorite recipe? Do you use it at home?
2. Link back and tell all your buddies that you love me...err tofu.
3. Visit the Nasoya Site and tell me something you learned or a recipe you want to try