Birthday Giveway - CLOSED

Did you know it's my birthday? I really you should have I've mentioned it like 100 times because I love it so much. I'm pretty sure my mom knew cause this crazy lady left me a singing voicemail this morning, she's awesome.

I know a lot of folks stress about getting older, but seriously every year has been amazing and I feel like a better person with greater experiences every year so I LOVE it. Plus the older you get the tougher you get mentally for running, I swear it's true. You've seen the 80 year olds that pass you at races!

In honor of my birthday I am doing things totally bacwards and giving you stuff... WHAT?! But first make sure you vote for me to win this photo shoot as that is a free and easy birthday gift.

Now what is up for grabs and how do you get it...well this isn't just any old giveaway my's a birthday giveaway!! I owe you a review on a number of these expect those to start showing up...for now here are the goods:

1 Reebook gym bag

2 Foods Alive Flax Crackers bags

1 pair small Balega socks

2 ProBars

2 Prana Raw Bars ( I know I owe you a review, suffice to say yum)
1 French Meadow hemp bagel package

1 jar Kramers all natural Cherry Jalapeno jam

2 coupons for Free Better Whey of Life yogurt

4 coupons for Free Rising Moon Organic products

1 packet of $1-.50 cent coupons for Whole Soy ice cream and yogurt

1 Zojirushi Cool Sport bottle

2 Newmans Own Organic mints

1 Thre natural energy shot
** Other items may be added...we shall just see!HOW TO ENTER:
Please leave a comment per entry
1. Link back and provide me the link. If you do not have a blog, email a friend about it!
2. Comment with an idea of how this blog could be more inspiring to you in health, fitness, spirit, body, etc. OR if you really don't read for inspiration...tell me why you do read and what you want to see more or less of.
* You must answer the question...not just say oh great giveaway to be entered. Hey it's my birthday I get to make the rules!

Additional opportunities to enter will appear over the next week...geared towards those who have been reading for awhile! Winner selected on 22 August