Celebrate Chocolate Giveaway - CLOSED

I warned you the giveaways would be fast and furious ... I mean we started with Pepper Dog Salsa giveaway, Agape Nutrition Bars giveaway, Solstice Energy Bars giveaway (please go back and enter if you haven’t!) and now here we are with…gasp CHOCOLATE. And this isn’t all folks, more shall come…be prepared.

What an interesting company this is…a little sex appeal thrown in with some weight loss advice. Laura sent me some cocoa almonds to review and then of course share with you in this fantastic giveaway. The idea behind these treats is that they allow you to indulge, but at the same time they serve to curb your appetite.

My sample arrived with an adorable note, which just always makes things feel more personal…and the brochure which just made me giggle because it’s so sensual. Now a lot of people relate food to …eh hem, but I’m not one of them, so I giggled.
DSCN1000DSCN1002 Any how post giggle, I dug in and found that the cocoa almonds had a nice light flavor. They were not super sweet leaving me with a desire for more and I must admit….they really did curb my hunger. Could be the protein or could be the DHA and other things they put on these babies. You have to checkout their site to see more on the nutrition and weight loss claims…I mean the pictures crack me up, but hey it’s about the product right?!

Normally I am a fan of things that are natural, so this is a departure from many of my reviews. But I enjoyed them and let’s be honest I was much happier to indulge in a few cocoa covered almonds than a cookie baked with who knows what, so overall a great treat from my perspective. Here are the claims from Celebrate Life Nutrition on their product:

Would you like to sample some cocoa covered almonds…DUH! To enter:
1. Go to the CelebrateLifeNutrition.com website and join their newsletter, then let me know you have done so.
2. Tell me what types of foods you are interested in learning more about..soy free, gluten free, all-natural, etc. – Must do item one first

Winner selected on October 10