Solstice Bar Giveaway - Closed

First I hope you have entered the YUMMMMMMY SALSA GIVEAWAY...then enter this one too!

All of us healthy eaters sometimes find ourselves short on time or looking for something we can stash in a bag or purse for a snack later. Recently I have been lucky enough to come across two bars that just must be shared. Both are delicious and I love that they come from people who truly love nutrition and are both made by hand!!!

For my raw foodies, this is your bar! Like Prana and Boomi it’s a raw bar…but also made by hand with love from this wonderful woman Chef Carolyn. Seriously…food made by hand that is uncooked, moist, tasty and only 140 calories per bar…people I don’t know how it could get any better for your body or soul.

Agape nutrition bars comes in four flavors, of which I have now happily taste tested 3: Apple Cobbler, Blueberry Ginger, Cranberry Orange. These bars have been a staple on my quick flights lately to ensure I have a snack that just feels good in my body and fills me up with 5 grams of fiber and 6 grams of protein. Bars like this just get me excited reading the ingredient list and thinking, OMG I know all of those words and they are delicious!

I also just checked out Chef Carolyn’s raw weight loss system and I won’t lie…after tasting these I’m highly tempted to give it a go and see if it would help with these last few lbs and my running!! Any who if you are interested in your own taste of Agape check out her store, the bars are $30 for 12 and yes they are decent sized bars, so the pricing seems comparable to what I am seeing from other nutrition companies like Amazing Grass.

Now friends…if you are ok with things being delicious, but not 100% raw…oh friends I have a treat for you. These bars are organic, natural, vegan and aptly called Solstice because they are out of this world. Goji berries, dark chocolate and peanut butter…really do I even need to tell you anything else??

Each bar averages 6 grams of fiber and 8 grams of protein…seriously made by hand…filled with wholesome ingredients. They aren’t super sweet, so they make a good treat that will not leaving you craving more treats.

In fact, Solstice was in the goodie bags for a number of celebrity events, DSCN0983which means not a lot except hello when the celebs are asking for them you know us commoners will be on the bandwagon soon…so you need to check them out! You can find a store via their website. The price is actually better than I have seen for many bars lately…per their site a case of 50 bars is $102…so $2 a bar, most are closer to $3.

Solstice also sent me a yummy blend that I mixed up with one of my nightly bowls of Kashi…mmm could you make a nice simple bowl of cereal any better? NO you really couldn’t.

Friends the love here is just almost too can win bars from one of these two amazing companies, simply by following these rules:
1. Tell me which bar you are most interested in and why? Looking for real answers peeps.
2. Follow my blog (I will be checking my "Blogger Followers")
3. Link back to this giveaway for 3 extra entries --please do this anyway to show love for these great companies

Winner selected on Oct 10