Moeben Giveaway - CLOSED

Seriously I should have been a rapper right? What was my mom thinking raising me as a middle class white girl, when I clearly have a future with Kanye West and Jay-Z.

Well since she totally failed there, I guess I could work on being a porn star? No, agreed she also only gave me some barely A’s to work with so that career is really a no go.

DSCN0996Well then I guess I will settle for showing off some great new Moeben gear…check out this shortie short skirt, I’m a little nervous to run in it but hello…MIAMI is going to LOVE THIS SKIRT! A small might be stretching it a bit for me, but hey I'm working on those last few lbs!

This also may be my first attempt at wearing something that matches when I walk out of the house. The great thing about Moeben arm sleeves is not only do they protect you from UV rays but they serve to keep you warm when it’s cool and they stay cool when it’s warm!

Now Shannon also remembered that I am an ECO FRIENDLY fan and generously sent me some arm sleeves…which I want to SHARE WITH YOU!! But first can I just say aren’t you glad they didn’t send me these…imagine the picture I would have had to take! moneyshot Ok with that we are on to the giveaway… you can have your very own pair of eco friendly arm sleeves…that match me!!! Yup I got a pair last year in the tie dye and now we can be running twins!
1. I think you should visit Moeben and tell me what product you like best…but if you are too lazy, then tell me why you want these arm sleeves. Cause I know you all cheat and copy answers anyhow.
2. For a second entry link back
3. For a third entry add me to your blog roll

Winner selected Oct 13th