3 Changes Challenge Prizes

All right, so you've committed to shaking up your routine and breaking out of your workout or eating rut...congrats. To further inspire you and keep you motivated to earn more points for the next 30 days here are the prizes that could be coming your way... McDavid Sports Bra in white small and McDavid womens compression shorts in Medium.
A NoZone technical running shirt, pink size medium...can't wait to review this for you it's so great! Protect your skin and stay cool...plus awesome pockets.
Ironman Sunglasses
$10 Subway giftcard to test out their new breakfast sandwiches.
Your selection of Sorbothane insole...give those feet some arch support or cushion! Coupons for free Popchips and buy one/get one free coupons You got it over $200 in prizes.

So make sure you are signed up for the 3 Changes Challenge


Marlene said...

Good stuff!!!

Katie A. said...

Whoo hoo! Can't wait

teacherwoman said...

Great stuff! I am excited that you put this together!

Mrs. LC said...

Wow this is an AWESOME giveaway and prizes! I wish I had time to commit to the 3 changes right now, but with everything I have going on (work, school, P90X, blogging, life, job search and potential moving in a couple months...) I think I already have too much going on!

(P.S. This is Lindsey @ Sound Eats)

ownyourbackbone.blogspot.com said...

Wow. Your blog is dope as Randy Jackson would say. I want me some of those prizes. What's the 3 Changes Challenge? I surfed through and couldn't get to the nitty gritty. I check back.

Wheelchair India said...

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