Setting up house

One of my favorite things about moving in with David four years ago was the opportunity to go shopping for furniture!! It was really exciting to find myself setting up an actual house, after so many years as a child playing house.

One of the areas I started with was the dining room...specifically because he didn't even have a table! I did find this table set, which I love because the stools slide under the table which opens up more space...but decided we'd missing having backs on the chairs.So then just to freak him out, I said we needed to go more old school and call up my childhood. I swore to him that retro dining tables were in style...he didn't bite and thank god he didn't like it either. Honestly, if I were able to create the big old grand house of my would probably have a very victorian feel like this
Do you enjoy furniture shopping??

**This post was a review in return for a CSN giftcard, but all opinions and product selections are my own.**