Upcoming Holiday Challenge Prize

With the holiday's approaching, I know around our house the annual hunt for the drop leaf will begin....did we put it in the basement? Under the couch? In the laundry room?
Putting the full drop leaf table together is the sign that the official family gathering is about to begin! We don't have a formal dining room, so there is no space to have that table fully open throughout the year...but oh Thanksgiving you need plenty of room for the plates, the center piece and of course the bread basket, etc. I try to keep all the food away from me if possible because I am a grazer, so lots of open containers for me are just an invite to keep eating!
Just thinking about that full feast is getting me excited for the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge to ensure that I stay on track with my eating and exercise! In that vein, thanks to CSN for one of the many prizes that will be part of this year's challenge.
A new gym bag to hold your shoes, your clothes and your yoga mat!!

Stay on the lookout for the Holiday Bootie Buster sign up next week.


gene said...

bootie buster! that is a great name! can't wait to bust some booootie!

Marlene said...

It's that time again! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!! HBBC BABY!

Lisa Eirene said...

Excellent! That's a nice looking bag.

Badgergirl said...

Yea! Looking forward to another HBBC!

Suzy said...

So glad it is that time of year again! I have the bag you posted and LOVE it!!