Luggage Thoughts

As most of you know I travel for work...a lot at this point. When I was traveling for pleasure I could pretty much get by on a little carry on bag...hey swim suit and running clothes pretty much sums up our travel style.

With work there is the computer, nice clothes...etc. I hate checking bags due to time, so I have been on the hunt for a carry on that is both functional and not 800lbs. Thus far what I have come up with is I need to be willing to spend like $200 and it's Christmas so I don't want to!

Back in the day I received my first full luggage sets as a college graduation gift. That's right mom and dad fully expected me to keep on moving and it was a great treat! However, it's just not workin for me now.

I'm open to any recommendations that you love prettys might have?? I know a lot of you travel for work as well and may have solved this dilemma.

I think this set is way cool, but will I in a year??
I think the yoga bag that I'm including as a HBBC prize from will be in my future. It will work great for quick trips and of course the gym! I like double duty since I have so little storage space.


JenniferLeah said...

I love the brown print set with the green! and you would pick it out quick at the luggage line!! :D

Kirstie said...

Love the luggage set! You will not have any problems picking out your bags on the carousel. So cute. The gym bag is great too!